Thank you for visiting my website.

In the last few years creative writing has become an important activity for me. I began writing poetry again after a long gap. You can browse my collection of poems.

I have written a series of stories for young children (as yet unpublished).

The cover of 'Lines from Metroland', an anthology of poems published by Metroland poetsI am currently working on a five-part radio drama based on the life of successful eighteenth century playwright Hannah Cowley, who championed a woman's right to choose her own marriage partner. My mother has published a book about her.

I belong to two local writers' groups – Chiltern Writers and Metroland Poets.

I am an experienced editor, and produced Metroland Poets' second anthology about a year ago. You can order a copy of the anthology by printing off and completing this form, and then posting it to me with your cheque.

Email me if you need professional editing services.

This is a link to my family website.